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Get a Live Spokesperson for your Website - starting as low as $450

A video spokesperson is an excellent tool to have on your website. When your .com loads up, a presentation loads and starts speaking to your site visitors in real time. With your site visitor's attention squared on the video spokesperson, you can promote any of your products or services that you like. Video spokespeople are excellent at getting your message across. More of your site visitors will become your customers and you will have a higher rate of sale for the products or services you promote.

Did you know? Not everyone is a visual learner - some learn by doing (kinesthetic), and some learn by auditory sense (auditory learner). Also, how do you think television advertising works? When someone is speaking to you, all your attention is on them. You don't have to worry about visitors finding the right place on your site - or worrying where to place your advertisements for maximum exposure. With a video spokesperson, your site visitors will immediately get the message. If you find the spokesperson works for you, why not come back and try it again on a later date? For instance, you can have one new spokesperson every month to tell all your site visitors about all the cool things your company is doing, or any new products or services, or even any new advertised low prices.

Video Product Demonstrations

What better way to show off your product then in a video presentation? For many qualified business professionals, in order to initially promote a product or service, a lot of travelling has to be done. Meeting with different clients from around the world and presenting to each of them what your company is about can be time consuming and expensive. Instead, why not try out our video product demonstration service. Simply create your own custom script, and our studio stars will rehearse it and present it in digital format. Then you can post the video product demo on your website, and voila - no more travelling. No more unique presentations for every circumstance - just direct potential clients to your website and let them watch the product demonstration. Problem solved!

Choose your own video spokesperson

We give you the opportunity to pick your own video spokesperson. Male, female, tall, short - whichever you like, or whichever you find suits your purpose.

If there are certain points of the presentation you are not satisfied with you can push it back and have it redone. This gives you complete customizability over the selection process of your video spokesperson, as well as the creation process of your digital presentation.

How do video spokespeople convert visitors into sales?

It's simple - by grabbing the user's attention. If someone is speaking to you, your attention is focused on them, right? Virtually, there's no difference - seeing a person who pops up and starts speaking to you grabs your attention, and the attention of the visitors hitting your website from major search engines like Google, Yahoo MSN. With their attention on your video spokesperson, the proper message gets across what your company does, any new deals, low prices, new products, etc. This way, 100% of your website traffic becomes aware of the message you are presenting. In a visual environment where the user has to read everything on your site, this percentage is much lower, because interest fades, and it's harder to grab attention from simple text on a page.

Installation is extremely easy

Once your spokesperson is complete, all you have to do is copy and paste some HTML code, and you're ready to go. The source code embeds on your page - player and all. No additional software purchase or fees are required - we give you all the tools you need to easily take this completed technology and intergrate it into your website, on as many pages as you want.

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